James Dyson set up the Foundation in 2002 to support design and engineering education. This is specially aimed at inspiring young people to study engineering and become engineers by encouraging students to think differently and to make mistakes.

The Foundation particularly supports schools in Wiltshire as well as medical and scientific research in partnership with charities. It achieves this by funding different resources such as the "Education box", a box filled with activities for a school to use as a teaching aid. 

The Foundation loans the boxes to schools for four weeks, free of charge. They are suitable for Key stage 4 and above and can be used in universities. 

The Education box enables students to take apart and examine a Dyson DC22 Telescope vacuum cleaner. In addition,, a school is allowed to retain a James Dyson Foundation teacher pack, and a copy of Genius Of Britain, a Channel 4 TV series featuring James Dyson himself, and design engineering posters. Other resources are also available.


Another way the Foundation inspires young minds is with the James Dyson Awards. This is an international design award that "celebrates, encourages and inspires the next generation of design engineers".

 It is organised and run by the James Dyson Foundation Charitable Trust and is open to graduates (or recent graduates) in the fields of product design, industrial design and engineering.

In March 2011, the founder and current managing director of Dyson (Sir James Dyson) gave an interview to the Sunday Times newspaper in the UK; he said that international students take the science and technology knowledge home with them after completing their studies. 
Dyson said some overseas students continue to pose a threat even after leaving the UK. "Britain is very proud about the number of foreign students we educate at our universities, but actually all we are doing is educating our competitors

"I've seen frightening examples. Bugs are even left in computers so that the information continues to be transmitted after the researchers have returned home."

David Willetts, the government minister responsible for British universities, said he will thoroughly investigate the statement provided by James Dyson.


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